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Hernán Gómez Zapata, was born on July 17, 1962, in the village of Los Cedros, belonging to the Municipality of San Jerónimo, Antioquia, son of Ana Abigail Zapata and Marcos Aurelio Gómez Múnera, number 10 of 13 siblings, at the age of 8, He left his parents' home and went to live with his sister Luz Adelma Gómez, where he worked in the fields until he was 19 years old.

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At the age of 20 he was appointed administrator of a farm house where he stayed for 7 years, then he went to the area of Urabá Antioquioqueña, where he stayed for 6 years. After that, his brother Darío Gómez hired him to work in his company Discos Dago, where he remained for 4 years.


Once he was given the opportunity to sing in the Barrio 12 de Octubre in Medellín, where he was highly applauded alongside his brothers Gabriel and Nelson Gómez. This awakened artistic potential in him, taking into account that he comes from a family, from a musical family on the part of his maternal uncles, who were great musicians of the time.

He had the great opportunity to record his first musical album in 1999 with the record company Discos LAGS of the City of Cali, where great hits were born, such as “Madre Single”, “Por tus desprecios”, “El amor y la salud” , among others. In the year 2021 and in the midst of the pandemic, “La Cantina” was born, a song authored by his brother Nelson Gómez, and which has been gaining strong position throughout the country.

Hernán is the father of 5 children, one of them Hernán Darío, died tragically in his hometown of San Gerónimo in Antioquia, from this tragedy the idea arose for his brother Gabriel Gómez to make a song titled “Forever goodbye”, which It was dedicated to the memory of his deceased son.


In his long musical career, Hernán has achieved great successes such as “Por tus desprecios”, “Nobody dies from love”, “Nobody dies from spite”, “The rich also die” and his last two hits “Tributo al rey” in tribute to his brother Darío and “Perdiste Tú”.

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