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Singer, composer, percussionist, orchestra director, producer and writer. He was born in New York where he has always lived. Father: Puerto Rican, Mother: Italian-American.

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Children: Henry Fiol is the father of three children. The oldest, Orlando, is a pianist/arranger/percussionist and sometimes works with his dad.

Education: Graduate of Hunter College in New York where he studied fine arts and received his BFA degree in fine arts.

Work Experiences: Before beginning his career in music, he worked as a fine arts teacher in New York Catholic schools, and later as a counselor for students with behavioral problems in New York public schools.

Artist: In the era of LPs, he painted all the covers of his albums---he won the Latin New York magazine award in 1978 for “best cover of the year” for his painting on the cover of his first LP with Saoco, “Always Seré Guajiro”---but since the recording format was reduced to CD size, he has stopped using his original art in favor of photography.

Composer: Over the years, most of Henry Fiol's songs have been his own writing, and although he does not read or write music, he has always actively participated in the preparation of his arrangements as well.

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