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Salsa violinist, music producer, and the first Salsa and Latin Jazz violin soloist in the world. This artist has more than 55 years of experience on stage, during which he has been a member of the legendary Fania All Stars.

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This salsa violinist began experimenting with pedals created for electric guitars in 1973, thus becoming the precursor of the electric violin.

Additionally, he was the musical director of the Celia Cruz and Tito Puente Orchestra.

He participated, collaborated and/or directed more than 2000 productions with artists such as: Eddie Palmieri, Héctor Lavoe, Ruben Blades, Dizzy Gillespi, Carlos Santana and Vangelis, among others.

This multifaceted artist is also a music maker for image, film and television.

Alfredo De La Fé, crosses time and space starting with his classical roots in Cuba, to the urban music of New York, without forgetting the influence that Colombian folklore has had on his music. As a consequence of this, it has been recognized throughout the planet.


Thanks to his violin, Alfredo De La Fé, salsa violinist, has played in more than 95 countries.
Participate in events such as:

– Pavarotti & Friends in Modena, Italy.
– The Rose Ball, in the Principality of Monaco.
– Umbria Jazz, in Perugia, Italy.
– Mompox Jazz Festival.
– The Montreux Jazz Festival, in Switzerland (among many others).
Alfredo has an honorary degree from Juilliard Arts, in violin, composition and image musicalization.

In 2019, Alfredo De La Fé signs with Altafonte, placing his entire musical catalog on digital platforms, in addition to the launch of two new projects. This has generated new opportunities and strategic alliances for the artist.

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